About RTE

A Tale of Passion

Born from that place
where the awe of exploring unique landscapes
meets the intrigue of immersion into different cultures.

A place where IT'S ALL ABOUT... 

Adventures in the Mountains

▪ Chasing Sunsets

Finding Your Tribe


I created Ride the Earth
to bring mountain bikers together
to ride in extraordinary places. 

Mountain biking is so much more
than a sport to me; it pulses in my veins.

It is a passion. A meditation.

A place filled with both adrenaline and peace.
A place where we not only find our people;
we also find ourselves along the way."

Julie | RTE Founder

Born from Passion

RTE founder, Julie Hanen, discovered her love for mountain biking riding the rugged trails of southwest Montana. Her love of riding bikes in epic locations and a true love of travel, made the birth of RTE an easy decision. 

For over two decades, Julie has dedicated her career to guiding adventures across the globe. She created Ride the Earth to combine her passions and offer unique ways to bring riders together and experience our planet from the saddle!

OUR PASSION is to create epic mountain bike experiences that foster true stoke

To create lifelong memories for you to share with your friends and family. 

To make it easy and approachable to travel to epic places with your mountain bike. 

Our true passion is creating 
YOUR perfect adventure!

Our Love is Mountain Biking

OUR OBSESSION; is creating epic experiences.


Julie Hanen - Artist of Travel

From The Founder

I created Ride the Earth to share extraordinary places with you and support small communities along the way. 

This boutique company is the culmination of combining my three greatest passions—mountain biking, travel & bringing people together.

I have been in love with world travel for as long as I can remember. My wanderlust for unique and distant landscapes has always been a beacon I follow. Through my love of travel, I discovered I have a unique talent for the logistics of organizing adventures. I have an eye for an excellent hotel and a knack for making a trip flow with ease.  As I refined this talent, I also discovered my passion for people and creating amazing experiences for them. 

My vision is to craft unforgettable mountain biking adventures that go beyond the ordinary, offering riders a chance to connect with landscapes, cultures, and each other. 

My passion is to create epic experiences that bring people together and foster true stoke. 

See you on the 

Meet the Crew

Our team is the heart and soul of every adventure we create. 

Comprised of passionate mountain bikers, experienced guides, foodies, and yogis, all with an addiction to travel; we are dedicated to crafting unforgettable experiences. 

Here are the faces behind your next adventure. 



Julie Hanen created Ride the Earth to bring mountain bikers together for unique adventures in epic destinations. She has been an avid mountain biker for more than 20 years and specializes in leading her guests on multi-day adventures both domestic and international since 2004. 

She is a certified mountain bike coach with a BA in Exercise Science and Spanish Language. She is also a licensed and certified EMT and is highly trained in mountain rescue. Julie takes the design process of a trip and turns it into an art form. Her special sauce is her innate ability to work through the logistics of putting together and event or an experience, and finding a flow that provides the ultimate platform for people to relax into their surroundings. She uses her physiology background to ensure each itinerary has the right flow to maximize your on the ground performance with rest days that appear just when you need them, and epic cherry rides on the days when you are most ready to charge. 

Julie thrives on logistics, loves people, and, more than anything — her true love is to create epic experiences for her guests to travel, build skills, and explore the world with their mountain bikes.

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Guide | Yogi


Johanna has been one of our rockstar lead guides and MTB instructors since 2017. She grew up in Ontario, Canada and has been living in BC for over 25 years. Johanna has been a force in the world of mountain biking since 2003, when she began her career as a mountain bike guide and coach. She has guided groups from Canada to the US and also in Costa Rica, Nepal, Mexico and Argentina. 

She is also a 500-hour yoga instructor and sports nutritionist and she effortlessly brings her health and wellness background into the experiences she guides for our guests. She loves bringing yoga, stretching, healthy eating, and mindset into her approach as a guide and coach, and she takes pride in her ability to provide a holistic approach to how we ride bikes. 

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Bro Squad Director


The ultimate support crew master, BBQ grilling, cheerleader on the team. He'll have a cold beverage in your hand so quick after our ride, you don't see it coming. 

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Stoke Manager


Corbin is our ninja behind the scenes. He's at the ready to answer questions, set up appointments, and help you navigate your way to Ride the Earth

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We're More than a Bike Company

We’re a community of passionate riders who thrive on creating unique mountain bike experiences in epic destinations.