United States · May 1 - 5 2025

Desert Skills MTB Retreat

Hurricane, UT | Women's Skills Retreat


The Experience

Elevate your skills with us! This Women's MTB Retreat is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get together with an incredible group of women, ride bikes in the sun, and build skills together. We will take you to ride world class trails along desert mesas and build in coaching on each ride to enhance your experience and expand your zone of comfort. We will top off each day with yoga sessions, facilitated discussions, and workshops that will leave you feeling educated, relaxed, and invigorated to ride your bike. As far as we’re concerned, this might be one of the coolest, undiscovered riding gems in North America! Skill Level: ALL LEVELS Fitness Level: 3/7


Epic Desert Riding

Epic Desert Riding

Elevate Your Skills <br> on Trail

Elevate Your Skills
on Trail

A Retreat Made <br>for Women by Women

A Retreat Made
for Women by Women







We are so excited to share this all-inclusive MTB experience with you! This trip starts and ends in the quaint town of Hurricane, Utah.

After you’re unpacked and settled into your space for the trip, the group will meet for a welcome party! We’ll review our incredible itinerary, set intentions for the week, build our bikes (with hands on tips and tricks to share), and enjoy some local beverages and food. We’ll have tools, pumps, and extra hands for anyone needing assistance assembling their bikes.

Head to bed early for a good night’s sleep and get ready for our amazing experience. 



Kick off your morning with breakfast overlooking the desert landscape. We will provide in house breakfast so everyone can get a healthy start to each day. *(Note: There will be food options available for all dietary needs.)

This morning we’ll kick off our trip riding the Wire Mesa loop. This newer trail is the perfect warm up to southern Utah mountain biking. We will stop to session at select areas on the trail and spend the morning working on skills, with pro tips from expert coaches, that will make your desert riding experience that much more fun!

After our ride, we'll have a picnic lunch and then head down the road to ride, what Bike Magazine voted as one of flowiest trails in America – the JEM trail. This trail network has a variety of options, so we’ll pick one of our favorites, and show you why this trail is such an awesome topper to the day.

After an incredible day of riding, we’ll return to our home for a relaxing yoga session and poolside cocktails.



Today we’ll hit the road and head to the world class trail network of Gooseberry Mesa. We’ll spend the whole day riding one of Southern Utah’s best mountain bike trail systems. Fun technical climbs, epic slickrock descents and views that will leave you wanting more!

This is a big day, so we’ll take our lunch with us on the trail. We’ll plan to be out riding for 6+ hours and have lunch at an incredible point along the trail with amazing views. Note: There is an option for some of the group to ride a shorter loop and the rest of the group to ride the full big day option.

After this amazing day, we’ll head back for a quick dip in the pool and an extraordinary group workshop. This workshop will provide a unique roundtable experience with facilitated discussions around select topics to enhance your experience on two wheels.



Today we head to Little Creek Mesa for a full day of riding. Boasting 20+ miles of technical slickrock and singletrack, Little Creek Mesa Trail will not disappoint. 

This area is known for its rich history as well as its archaeological significance. It’s also known for being an area where riders get lost on their ride! There’s something magical about riding a trail that is off the beaten track, hard to find, and hard to follow - and our Guides know it like the back of their hand (BTWs!). We’ll follow cairns through this incredible desert ride with incredible views towards Gooseberry Mesa and the Pine Valley Mountains. 

We'll stop for a lunch break mid-trail, as this epic ride is known to take anywhere from 4-6 hours. Then we’ll continue our journey through the historical lands of the Virgin Anasazi as we loop our way back to the start, where cold beverages will be waiting for trailhead celebrations.



Rise and shine for one last yoga session together. We'll waken our bodies with the rising sun and then enjoy a final breakfast together overlooking the desert.

With gratitude, high fives, and newfound friends, it's time to say farewell...until next time!

Thanks for riding southern Utah with us! We hope to ride with you again…

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Women's Desert Skills Retreat

Women's Desert Skills Retreat

A women's mountain bike retreat in one of the coolest, undiscovered riding gems in North America.




Extra Night Stay (Arrive Early)

Arrive a day early and we'll book your room an extra night at the start of the trip.



Airport Shuttle

Airport shuttle from St George Airport (SGU) | One Way



Bike Rental | High End Full Suspension

We'll set you up with a sweet ride for the trip! Bring your own pedals and shoes.



Bike Rental | Mid Range Full Suspension

We'll set you up with a sweet ride for the trip! Bring your own pedals and shoes.



Guided Hike | Zion National Park

Add a guided hike in Zion to the beginning or end of your stay. Pairs well with an extra night stay!



Extra Night Stay (Stay Longer)

Stay longer and we'll book your room an extra night at the end of the trip.




What's Included

4 Nights Lodging

3 Days Private Coaching

Private Transportation

Breakfast & Lunch Each Day

Welcome Dinner

Private Guide

Private Yoga Sessions

MTB Workshops

Bike Tools & Maintenance Kit

Equipment Rentals (Bike, helmet, pedals)

Dinners, most alcohol & snacks

Gratuities for guides & drivers


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Women's Desert Skills Retreat

01 - 05 May 2025



Destination Info

Getting There & Away

Getting There & Away

By Air: The closest airport to the trip start point is the St George Airport (SGU). Flights arrive daily from destinations all over the US. You may also fly into Las Vegas, which is a 2 hour drive via shuttle or rental car.

By Shuttle: If you fly into St George Airport, we can provide you with a shuttle for $45 (one way). You can choose this as an add on during the booking process or contact our team directly to make arrangements.
*Uber services are also avaialble.

Shuttle Services from Las Vegas to St George (2 hours):
St George Shuttle

Shuttle Services from Salt Lake City to St George (4 hours):
St George Shuttle

Car Rental: Many car rental agencies are available in the surrounding areas if you choose to fly into St George, Las Vegas, or Salt Lake.

Arrival & Departure

Arrival & Departure

📍Trip Location: Hurricane, UT 
Start time: 4pm check in at our private lodging. On day one, there are no scheduled activities until early evening to allow time for everyone to arrive and get settled in. We will meet for a welcome gathering at 6:00pm with beverages and tacos for everyone.

Arrival Day: On day one, there are no scheduled activities until early evening to allow time for all the riders to arrive and get settled in. We will meet the group with beverages and pizza on the patio at 6:00pm for a welcome meeting.

Departure Day: Enjoy a relaxing morning prior to the scheduled check out at 11am. There are no rides scheduled on departure day. Hit us up if you want to add on a day of shredding! We always love a good add on adventure! 


In general, you can expect warm sunny days in Utah. Typical Spring/Fall temperatures range from 75-85F (25-30C) during the day and dropping to 45-55F (7-13C) in the evenings. You will need quick drying biking clothes for each day, and it is also recommended to bring a jacket with you. Sudden changes in weather can occur and all riders must be prepared. Refer to the suggested packing list for detailed information on what to bring. You will also be able to leave items in our van each day so you can have back up supplies if needed throughout the day.

Yes, it is very dry and hot in Utah. We recommend all riders should be prepared to carry 2-3L of water on them each day.

Our crew will have some snacks available, however, it is up to each participant to provide their own personal snacks and electrolyte replacement tabs or chews while riding. There are stores nearby where these can be purchased upon arrival if you choose not to bring them in your luggage.

The first and last day of riding will be about 3-4 hours of total ride time. The days in between are long full days of riding where you can exepct to spend 4-6 hours on your bike. There will be ample time for breaks and the trip is designed to keep you going from start to finish, as long as your skill and fitness match the recommended levels for this specific trip.

All of our trips can cater to most dietary needs, however, make sure you tell us in advance so we can be properly prepared. Complete your online profile with us to notify us of any dietary needs or allergies.

Once you’re in town with us, there are a variety of restaurants to choose from that cater to special dietary needs. If you are vegan or have strict dietary needs, you may want to go to the organic food store in St George to purchase some supplementary items for yourself. There is also a refrigerator in your room to allow for storage of any special items you may want to have on hand.

Our guides will be there to help you build your bike at the start of the trip and pack it up at the end. We will have tools available and we’re very experienced in assembling and packing bikes. We’ll gladly give you tips and help you out during the entire process.

Note that trip insurance is required for all riders on any Ride the Earth tour. You must provide proof of policy prior to departure. We recommend World Nomads to provide you with affordable trip insurance. They offer excellent coverage for mountain bikers. 

Although tipping is completely up to your discretion, it is customary to provide gratuity for guides and drivers. A typical gratuity for your expert mountain bike guides is 5-10% of your trip cost per person and 2-5% for drivers. This may be given to the lead guide on your trip or to each person individually.

This program is designed for ALL LEVELS of rider. The following outlines the minimum skill level and fitness base required for this specific experience. 

Skill Level - Beginner+ (Green/Blue Trails): You’re newer to the sport or still developing your skills. You can ride the bike on gravel roads or wide trails. You can operate the bike, but you are still learning the art of shifting, climbing, descending and cornering. You do not have the confidence to navigate roots, rocks, and tight turns without walking.

Skill Level - Intermediate (Blue Trails): You have a strong understanding of shifting up and down through the gears. You have the skills to brake appropriately on descents and you maintain a comfortable and sturdy stance on controlled climbs and descents. You are confident to ride through a variety of technical features (roots, rocks, tight turns) although you are most comfortable at a slow and controlled pace.

Skill Level - Advanced (Black Trails): You are comfortable and confident at high speeds in technical terrain. Your cornering skills are excellent, and you can easily ride the apex of berms. You are skilled and confident at navigating a variety of technical features such as roots, rocks, mud, sand, and creek crossings. You are very skilled at shifting your weight to navigate technical climbs, descents and all trail features. You can bunny hop over obstacles and are confident to handle smaller jumps and drops.

General Fitness Level - 3/7: You have a reasonable level of mountain bike fitness. You bike or exercise at least 2 times per week all year long for 1-2 hours each session. You are comfortable biking for 3-4 hours at a moderate pace. You can comfortably ride for four days back-to-back with climbing of up to 1000ft per day.

Desert Skills MTB Retreat

United States · May 1 - 5 2025 · 4 nights