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Private Coaching Big Sky

Spanish Peaks | Montana | Elevate Your Riding


The Experience

A full day of elevating your mountain bike skills with private one-on-one coaching with a certified coach. This day is designed to help you take your abilities to the next level. We will spend the day working on a variety of mountain biking skills. Hone your cornering, improve your climbing technique or further develop your ability to navigate steeper, more technical and varied terrain. Today is dedicated to you and will help you build skills for climbing, descending, and all areas of your riding. Private Coaching Skill Level: ALL LEVELS


Boost Your Confidence

Boost Your Confidence

Elevate Your Riding

Elevate Your Riding

Expand Your Skill Set

Expand Your Skill Set





General Outline

10am | Meet at the Spanish Peaks Adventure Center

10am-12pm | Skills sessions near Clubhouse

We'll spend the morning near the trailhead doing skills & drills to break down a variety of important skills for riding. 

1-4pm | On Trail Skills Practice

We'll break for lunch midday before heading out onto the trail for the afternoon. 

Example Skills:  Stance & Balance, Cornering, Switchbacks, Rolling obstacles, Braking

Have snacks, water and electrolytes on you to keep you fueled throughout the day. 

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Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Full day one-on-one mountain bike coaching. Just you and your coach. Duration: ~ 6 hours




What's Included

Full Day Private Mountain Bike Coaching

Equipment Rentals (Bike, helmet, etc.)

Snacks & Fuel for Riding



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Destination Info

Location Options

Location Options

Most of the coaching we do takes place at Copper City Trails near Three Forks, MT or in the greater Big Sky area, including Big Sky Resort and Spanish Peaks Resort

We offer private coaching at a variety of additional trail systems and bike parks in Montana. We also have private coaching options in southern Utah (Moab & Hurricane) in the spring and fall. 

When you book your day of coaching with us, we will pick the best trail system based on weather, time of year, where you're located, and your goals for the session. 


  • Working with a coach is the fastest way to tease out your bad habits and teach the correct skills to shine. Coaching is all about breaking things down and practicing them in a more controlled environment. As far as we're concerned, the sky is the limit with MTB skills so we can always improve, no matter our skill set.

  • After booking your spot, we will ask you for detailed information about your riding, to get an idea of your skill level and learning needs/interests. We will use that information to customize our day of coaching together. 

  • None. We'll meet you, wherever you're at in your mountain biking journey. 

  • You must have a proper fitting mountain bike that is in good working condition. A full suspension, all mountain bike is highly recommended, but a hard tail is also sufficient. If needed, bike rentals are available in town. Contact us if you want to try a rental bike and we'll help guide you. 

  • Bring your bike, mountain biking shoes, helmet, hydration pack or water bottle, riding snacks, electrolyte replacements, lunch for the day, a spare tube and any personal medications or personal first aid. A detailed equipment list is included in your confirmation.

  • We will work on the skills that interest you the most. Skills covered will include subjects such as braking, cornering, dynamic riding, technical riding, roll downs and advanced riding techniques. 


I am so thrilled I participated. The amount of knowledge I gained about biking, the mechanics of my bike, the etiquette on the trail, ins and outs of the sport was mind blowing. JULIE WAS INCREDIBLE! She and her team really put on a memorable and fun weekend and worked tirelessly to make sure we all had a ball. I felt safe, yet challenged! THANK YOU RIDE THE EARTH!!

Missy Cashman

I'd ride anywhere with Julie--her clinics are awesome! Safe, professional, fun, exciting, and personal. Her experience shows in everything she does, and she imparts her knowledge in a very understandable way. Go for it and Ride the Earth!!

Casey Blumenthal

This is a must do for any ladies interested in ramping up their mountain biking skills. Shredfest is so fun and the coaches provide hands on basic knowledge about biking skills, bike set up and maintenance that most women do not know. Every minute was well spent time.

Sarah Hall

Shred Fest was inspiring! I was the oldest, drove the farthest, learned the most, hit the ground the hardest and I LOVED it. Julie and Johanna are great instructors and I finished with so much more confidence.

Betsy Miller

How empowering to challenge myself mountain biking with a group of badass women! I will definitely be back for another skills workshop in the future.

Rachel Hinnenkamp

The coaches passion for the sport and love of humans is obvious! Such a fun and incredible weekend! Every detail was well thought out while still keeping it spontaneous and super fun! It was fun, engaging and I learned so much. The coaches did a very good job of building up every woman and highlighting strengths while providing tools to fix the problem areas. So much fun!!!

Kristen Klebe

Shred Fest was a blast and an excellent learning opportunity. Expect to ride some fun trails, feel empowered by building skills and confidence, and share the adventure with a bunch of rad ladies!

Lindsey Benov

Fantastic coaching and organization of varying riding abilities. I am riding with more confidence AND having more fun on my bike.

Amy Slaubaugh

Private Coaching Big Sky

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